coffee talk: road to becoming a holistic nutrition consultant


My dream: talking about nutrition and holistic health practices with others, sharing my passion and learning as much as possible to improve my own health and those that want the help.  I want to be able to work on my own hours, make enough money to get be comfortable enough and enjoy the world around me…everyone’s dream, right? I just want to be able to do something that I LOVE and don’t get burnt out on so easily.

So…how do I get there?  There are so many nutrition options out there.  Professional degrees, certifications, quick online programs.  It is overwhelming and depends on where you are.  Personally, I knew that I wanted to do an online program.  There aren’t any schools nearby that teach holsitic nutrition nor a university that offers a dietetics program.  Plus, I already did the full time college thing and don’t really want to do it again.  After doing a long search (read: 2 years of researching, deciding, pondering, then looking again), I finally found an online program that I feel that could be worth the money.  With a background in biology and chemistry, I am drawn to the biological aspects of food and how it can heal (or hurt) the body.  After almost going through with applying for a masters degree program in holistic nutrition and realizing it still didn’t offer exactly what I wanted, I found Bauman College.

They offer a holistic nutrition consutant certification with a distance program option that seems heavily scientific-based.  It can take up to 30 months to complete and even offers business classes! Although I can’t practice as I’d like in Montana without a Registered Dietitan license, I can still educate others!  I will be learning about all the things I love and still be living in the place I love.

I can be super hesitant with making up my mind.  As my friends and family know, its hard for me to make a decision some most of the time!  Although it can appear that I am wishy-washy about things, I just want to make sure it is the best option for me and is worth all of the time and effort.  Just like choosing a movie–it has to be worth the 1.5+ hours of my day 😉

The next steps? Work, save up (around $10k for the program in total), and apply.


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